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With over ten years of experience in payroll, Juan Rugero is an expert in Global Payroll Operations. Having worked in multiple industries from the beginning of his career, he developed strategies to simplify internal processes for highly complex and esoteric markets.

Bilingual in English and Spanish, his approach to implementing exemplar payroll practices to highly disruptive businesses, combined with his expertise in financial data analysis, payroll taxes, wage and hour laws, payroll benchmarking, has lead all clients to achieve an accurate and accountable process that medicate inaccuracy.  

Registub now oversees operations for over 25,000 employees and is focused on cultivating invaluable and strategic operations to ensure excellence. He currently supports payroll procedures for financial, healthcare, higher education institutions, non-profits, luxury retailers, and governmental energy and construction companies.


Our Philosophy: Expert Knowledge in a Disciplined Framework

We believe in creating long-term value for our clients through resources optimization while carefully mitigating and managing their payroll and HR operations. We balance what other companies are doing right and implement best practices for your organization. Implementing best practices and developing a full optimization strategy is at the core of our operation philosophy, as we often specialize in esoteric verticals and niche markets. We value innovation, leadership, tenacity, accountability, and transparency.



At Registub, we know how challenging payroll operations are. As we provide effective solutions and guide you through our recommended methods, we want to ensure and answer your needs and questions.

We are in the business of helping companies produce new ideas, develop effective strategies and scalable methods. We provide a full package of services that ensures a hands-free payroll experience and operate with integrity and trust. Our main focus is your satisfaction, and we thrive on building meaningful relationships from start to finish.

We provide insight and skills to support your venture and aim to create impactful work.


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