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What Do Payroll Companies Actually Do?

payroll companies

Payroll companies do a lot to keep businesses running smoothly. They offer a big help for business owners who are looking to offload some of their accounting duties. They also ensure you have enough financial flexibility to pay all of your expenses if circumstances change. According to Capital Counselor, payroll companies are responsible for about 25% of accounting practices. The following are some key things payroll companies do for their clients.

Processing Paychecks

Payroll companies help process all sorts of paycheck information for employees each week. The professionals have expertise in calculating the gross wages earned by an employee and deducting taxes from that total. Some payroll companies do this using pre-tax deductions to lower the amount of income taxes taken out of each paycheck.

Other payroll companies prefer to use post-tax deductions. These take out federal income taxes and Social Security taxes from an employee’s paycheck. Pre-tax deductions can include state and local income and Social Security taxes. This means post-tax deductions are usually smaller than pre-tax deductions.

Ensuring Compliance With Government Agencies

Payroll companies help business owners put good policies and practices in place. The service providers make sure you comply with all the different regulations you might encounter. These regulations include state unemployment taxes, federal and state tax reporting, worker’s compensation laws, and workplace safety laws.

Some payroll companies can also help you find ways to comply with specific rules and regulations that they follow regularly, including state occupational licensing laws. When it comes to payroll, all payroll companies are well versed in multiple different industries’ rules and regulations. These types of laws can be different for each state. A payroll company might be able to help find affordable options for you based on which state you live in.

Calculating Taxes

One of the essential things that payroll companies do is calculate your company’s payroll taxes. These calculations are as simple as inputting your payment information into an online payroll system. After submitting the relevant details, they can get you immediate results.

Without this step, you cannot know what you owe the federal, state, and local governments. If you do not know how much your business should pay in taxes, it can hurt your company more than help. You will not be able to make payments without incurring penalties. The penalties can be thousands of dollars per employee.

Payroll companies can significantly benefit many businesses. Companies rely on these service providers to help manage payroll and work-related tax issues. If you are a business owner looking for a payroll company, consider working with Registub. Our team will take care of all the tax calculations on your behalf and we guarantee top-notch payroll services for your business. Call us today or visit our website for more information.